Hi there, I’m Mary Bueno

"Learning Spanish can be fun and go hand in hand with culture."

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My name is Mary Bueno. I was born in Mexico City and graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with a degree in Journalism and Communication Science. I worked there as a TA, in the School of Journalism, in Mexico City. I wanted to be a teacher, which I found to be very rewarding and exiting. Soon, I was offered a professor position at the University which I couldn’t take as I was engaged to be married and had plans to move the United States.


We settled in Alameda, California and I found a position as a journalist at KDTV Channel 14, for a live Spanish morning news-show called: AL DIA. I left KDTV to run the Spanish program for children and adults at the Alameda Multicultural Community Center. I loved this job since it was my first experience in this country with students from diverse backgrounds and a variety of ages. They seemed to enjoy the class very much. We had “posadas” and many other Hispanic cultural activities. By that time, I already had two little daughters, who were also my students and bilingual.


Nevertheless, I was craving for more, so I decided to get a Master's degree to be able to teach adults in College. While studying at San Jose State University, I again worked as a TA which greatly helped me to enable my teaching philosophy: Effective learning can be also fun and go hand in hand with culture. I still apply it today with great success. I also worked for Chabot College for 13 years as a Spanish Professor, teaching around 800 students.


I love my profession. I have been teaching Spanish Language and Culture here in California since 1994 and I am grateful to be able to do so every day. During this time I also wrote a Mexican History Book in Spanish, “Malinche”, published by Amazon, and I have collaborated with the academic magazine of the Foreign Language Association of Northern California.

The next journey is already here! On line teaching! A great option! But if you prefer, one on one, or small groups can be available too. Just reserve your spot and let’s get started.

Gracias y Bienvenidos!


UNAM Degree in Journalism & Communication Science.

SJSU Master's Degree in Hispanic Language & Literature.


  • Spanish 

  • English